Working in Social Care

Social Care is a growing sector offering a rewarding career with many different job roles and opportunities for progression. In social care you provide physical, emotional and social support to people in their lives. 

WeCare Wales aims to raise awareness and understanding of social care, early years and childcare and attract more people with the right skills and values to work in caring roles with children and adults.


What qualifications would I need to work in social care?

Social Care Wales host a full list of all roles in social care and the qualifications required or recommended. ‚Äč
For some roles you need to be qualified before being employed for example a Social Worker, take a look at our webpage about being a Social Worker 

Some Social Care roles require qualifications but there may be opportunities to gain qualifications whilst working in that role or earning while you learn, for example a domiciliary care worker or a residential carer. 

There are some roles that have recommended rather than required qualifications meaning it’s not essential to have a specific qualification although it would be encouraged and enhance your opportunities in the care sector once you are qualified.

All roles involve ongoing training as part of continuing professional development,  this is linked to career pathways. 
As a Social Worker once qualified you are supported with a programme for your first three years in practice and there are often opportunities to obtain further qualifications. 

Social Care Workers following induction may have qualification opportunities in line with their role.  Diagram of the suite of health and social care and childcare qualifications in Wales

All staff have an induction in Wales. “The All Wales Induction Framework” (AWIF) is the standard induction in Social Care. Completing the induction helps you prepare for qualifications.  More information on AWIF can be found on our AWIF webpage



To recognise the importance of roles within Social Care you may be required join a register held by Social Care Wales
Find out more about registration, why we register, who can register and the benefits of being a registered person